The words "Modern" and "Contemporary" are often interchangeably used. However, when talking in the language of interior design, these words do not mean the same thing. They symbolise as two different concepts to how the design of the house becomes.

Often used interchangeably, Modern and Contemporary in Interior design lingo are not the same thing. Modern design refers to a style in time, created to make break traditional designs through modern art movement on the interiors of the home. This is achieved by the usage of basic shapes, functional lines and curves, materials like metal, chrome and glass and furnishings without decorative parts. In other words, minimalism is the key in depicting this design concept.

Contemporary design, on the other hand is ever changing. It is of the movement and forward-looking. In a nutshell, it is fluid and never the same. So, you might now wonder, why are they used together when they are supposed to be different? That's the beauty of these two concepts! As much as they are different, they share an integral character; they challenge the norm. To understand more about this unique concept, download our news letter to get more scoop of this angle!